Two Performance teams starting May 7th 2014. We are accepting ALL LEVELS, join us today.

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Welcome to Waackademy

A place for beginners and experienced dancers of all levels to recieve a higher education in Waacking and Sophisticated Sass. Together with dancers of all levels, we endeavour to raise the level and awareness of Waacking on the West Coast.

Why Dance with Waackademy?

With 15 years of training across North America under our belt, we are sure to offer the best Waacking Training in Vancouver. Our programs are designed to leave students feeling COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT & EXPERIENCED with their bodies and with dancing in any social or competitive setting. We will create Dancing Queens that have the control, technique and experience to shine at the drop of a dime! Real training, real results. Joining one our teams offers you an enriched experience that includes dance, fitness, history, and most importantly, a community within the Waackademy. Key concepts focused on throughout the programs include origins, music, foundational techniques, discovery and integration of personal style, and overall well-being.


From small to tall, skinny to shapely, Waackademy offers fun alternatives to staying fit & healthy. These killer arm workouts will drill the moves and confidence into you to make you DANCE LIKE A PRO!

Our Programs

Weekly Drop-ins

Drop in weekly for a Waacking or Urban-Styles class, or create & be inspired in our weekly Open Studio!

Empire West - Elite Team

Take your waacking to the next level by joining our Elite Performance Team for experienced dancers looking for a challenge.

Decadance - Freshman Team

This performance training program teaches you everything from grooving and technique to stage presence and costumes, equipping you for the world of Performing Arts.

Register For Our Performance Program